No Person In America Is Above the Law

“the last thing I want to do is put you in jail.”
Judge Juan Merchan
The media must stop prefacing every report about Donald Trump’s current and pending trials with an emphasis the cases are “unprecedented” as he is a former president or that he is again running for president … subtly …

A Tyranny of the Minority

“The tyranny of the minority is infinitely more odious and intolerable and more to be feared than that of the majority.”

President William McKinley

Florida Governor and presidential wannabee Ron DeSantis’ anti “Woke” campaign is a series of undemocratic solutions in search of problems and “red meat” for GOP and MAGA conservatives.  …

Trump’s Most Consequential Lies

“The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… the Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

President Donald Trump  (February 24, 2020)

When the 2020 election results became evident, Donald Trump orchestrated the “big lie” he actually won reelection and Joe Biden’s victory was stolen, the result of …

An Unworthy Commander-in-Chief

“Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. Never even called us for comment. @FoxNews is gone!”

Donald Trump on Fox News reporter who validated the recent Atlantic Monthly article

For a president who says he loves the military more than his predecessors and, without any evidence or military …

I Must Have Missed the Republican National Convention

“The Grand Old Party has become little more than a Trump Booster Club”


What in the past has been a presidential nominating convention for the Republican Party was transformed into an infomercial pageant directed by a media savvy President Trump.   

Rather than allowing nominations other than Donald Trump, all voices not …

Republicans Terrorized by an Unhinged President

“In my great and unmatched wisdom …”

President Trump (Oct 6, 2019)

Donald Trump continues to live in his own alternative universe in which he continually boasts that he alone knows “more than anyone” about almost everything.

When talking about drones over the border, “No one knows more about this technology than I …

House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

“We should begin orientation by getting to know one another,"

Dean Phillips (Rep. MN)

As public approval of Congress has hovered below 30% over the past 45 years, it is high time Congress take steps to improve the way it operates.  Perhaps that is why the House recently appointed a bipartisan Select …

Donald J. Trump, Jr. – America’s Newest Nazi Hunter

“You see the Nazi platform in the early 1930s and what was actually put out there … and you look at it compared to like the DNC platform of today, and you’re saying, man, those things are awfully similar, to a point where it’s actually scary,”
Donald J. Trump, Jr.
Donald J. …

The Freedom Not To Associate

“You can’t be neutral in a public-sector union”

Rebecca Friedrichs (2016)

It is clear that the Supreme Court is likely to overturn its 1977 ruling in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education which affirmed that a union shop, legal in the private sector, is also legal in the public sector.  They found …

National Obsession with Political Correctness in Speech

Christine Brennan’s September 12th USAT0day OpEd plea for the Washington Redskins to change their name as, “if only some Native Americans think it’s racist … It’s racist”, is yet another sad example of selective political correctness and displays her lack of appreciation for the very rights which make her profession …

Limitations on Presidential Authority

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Lord Acton in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887

While many people have differences of opinion over the policies of the Obama Administration, so long as the Executive Branch acts within the limited scope of its authority as granted under Article …

Who Should Have the Right to Choose?

“Of my many sorrows, this is without doubt the worst”
Norma (Jane Roe) McCorvey

Americans and their media continue to define most of our complex social controversies in ways which reduce their respective antagonists and their positions to little more that simplistic and uncompromising incarnations of good and evil.  This irresponsibility is …

New Hampshire’s Motto Is A Myth!

“Freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be.”
James Baldwin
For decades, New Hampshire residents have prided themselves on being a population of contrarian individualists, bucking such trends as implementing a state sales or income tax.  Local and national pols have been quick to laud …

Another Basic Freedom Slips Away

“… there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual assent and silent encroachment of those in  power than by violent and sudden usurpations.“
James Madison (1788)
The Supreme Court, long the last bastion in defense of the most fundamental rights of American citizens, really blew …

A Right To Personal Privacy

In the wake of Cleveland-based TRW’s recent admissions that it has had numerous and significant “problems”, actually major screw-ups … reporting erroneous and personally harmful financial data on as many as 1,500 Vermont and New Hampshire citizens, Congress finally decided to act.  In typical fashion, these actions will take the …

The Folly of Outsourcing America’s Security

 ​“Today, the eyes of all people are truly upon us  and our government, in every branch, at every level, national, state, and local, must be as a city upon a hill, constructed and inhabited by men aware of their grave trust and their great responsibilities.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – 1961

To listen …

Ballot Access …. It’s Time To End The Two Party Monopoly!

During a recent WEVO on-air debate, State Representative Wayne King correctly observed there was “something seriously wrong with a system which serves to consolidate the power of political parties at the expense of its citizens”; and then went on to add that there is “nothing in either the United States …

Amherst Recreation Goals And Concerns

Recently, there’s been a heated debate from various segments of public opinion regarding the goals and directions of the programs run under the auspices of the Amherst [NH] Recreation Commission (ARC).  I thought, therefore, I’d try to state the basic philosophy of the commission as I see it as its …