When Will Congress Begin to Act Responsibly?

“The debt is being cynically exploited by the far right, with collusion of the Democrat establishment, to undermine what remains of social programs, public education, unions, and, in general, remaining barriers to corporate tyranny.”

Noam Chomsky

The new Republican House majority has staked out a number of goals, a few admirable and …

Putin’s Ukrainian Invasion … A Defining Moment for the GOP

“Now is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time.”

President Joe Biden – State of the Union Address

March 1, 2022

Since the 2020 election, the Republicans Party has attempted to rewrite history, whether echoing Trump’s baseless claims about a stolen election or redefining the deadly January 6th assault …

Hatred Must Be Condemned … Whatever Its Source

“I think I know enough of hate”
Robert Frost
Four years ago, Republicans were embarrassed when a Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan won a seat in Louisiana’s state legislature on their ticket.  Despite an attempt to soften his campaign rhetoric during a subsequent run for governor and his party’s all-out …