An AWOL Congress

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”
Henry Ford
House Intelligence Chair Nunes’ release of a Republican-drafted factually misleading memo accusing the FBI and Justice Department of improperly using their surveillance authority against the Trump presidential campaign while suppressing a dissenting Democratic minority report is indefensible!
When Americans …

Compromise is Not a Four-Letter Word

It’s Time to Hold Congress Accountable

“The Congress shall have the Power …  to Declare War”
Article I, Section 8, US Constitution
Not since December 8, 1941 has the United States Congress passed a Declaration of War.  Yet, since then our country has sent its men and women in “harm’s way” in no less than 27 conflicts, nearly …

Doing One’s Job Should Trump Reelection Concerns

“The budget should be balanced, the treasury refilled, public debt reduced the arrogance of
officialdom tempered and controlled … lest Rome become bankrupt”
For the decades, our federal government has perpetuated a myth that, unlike individuals, it can routinely spend more than it takes in … so long as such deficits …

Rhetoric, Reality and Responsibility

“Governments must be accountable to someone besides themselves”
Walter Lippmann
The budget charade currently playing at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue is enough to turn even the most objective patriot into a hardened cynic, particularly where fiscal responsibility is concerned.
Perhaps the biggest shams in this American tragedy are the “deficit reduction” and …

Rhetoric, Reality and Responsibility

End The Elected Aristocracy!

Mark Twain once characterized Congress as the only “distinctly native American criminal class“.  While an exercise in hyperbole, it’s undeniable Congress has repeatedly displayed incredible arrogance for those people it purports to represent; quietly bestowing exorbitant perks and other benefits on its members and conscientiously exempting itself and its members …