Responsibility, Compromise and Statesmanship

“No democratic government can last long without conciliation and compromise.”
Samuel Elliot Morrison – “The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin” (1961)
While the leaders of our Republic have engaged in divisive and often virulent disagreements since John Adams ran against and defeated Thomas Jefferson, such disputes were generally between individuals.  However, during the …

The A-To-Z’s of Fiscal Responsibility

“The power to tax involves the power to destroy!”
John Marshall
Despite a blizzard of disinformation to the contrary, America’s projected deficit for this fiscal year may exceed $200,000,000,000, pushing the national debt closer to the $5.0 trillion mark!
But, how can that be?  President Clinton, his army of minions, the Congressional leadership …

Wakefield’s Profiles In Courage

“Freedom is a system based on courage.”
Charles Peguy
Throughout last year’s presidential campaign, candidates reviled one another for their opponent’s failure to propose viable programs to address the nation’s economic malaise and staggering federal deficit.  Promises to eliminate the waste and commit the federal government to an era of fiscal responsibility …