Political Hypocrisy on Display


“Truth and hypocrisy cannot exist in the same room.”

Matthew 23

After castigating President Biden for not traveling to Maui until nine days after the wildfire that destroyed the island’s historical capital of Lāhainā had been extinguished, Governor Ron DeSantis refused to meet with the President who visited Florida’s Gulf Coast, where …

Clinton’s Choice Of Statesmanship Or Politics

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I …”
Robert Frost
While President Clinton continues to learn the difference between running for the presidency and governing once in office, it appears he has reached a crossroads.  His course will shape our future.
As a candidate, he had the liberty and luxury to make …

Wakefield’s Profiles In Courage

“Freedom is a system based on courage.”
Charles Peguy
Throughout last year’s presidential campaign, candidates reviled one another for their opponent’s failure to propose viable programs to address the nation’s economic malaise and staggering federal deficit.  Promises to eliminate the waste and commit the federal government to an era of fiscal responsibility …

Let’s Stop Protecting Sacred Cows!

One marvels at the predicable actions of our business, labor and political leaders who find it so easy to proselytize their counterparts  around the globe on the values of a free market system, one not encumbered by undue governmental interference or bureaucratic stagnation and incompetence.  In their infinite wisdom, they …