“Truth and hypocrisy cannot exist in the same room.”

Matthew 23

After castigating President Biden for not traveling to Maui until nine days after the wildfire that destroyed the island’s historical capital of Lāhainā had been extinguished, Governor Ron DeSantis refused to meet with the President who visited Florida’s Gulf Coast, where Biden met with first responders, storm victims and both Republican and Democratic leaders, only three days after Hurricane Idalia devastated many coastal communities.  

The presidential wannabee’s excuse, “In these rural communities, and so soon after impact, the security preparations alone that would go into setting up such a meeting would shut down ongoing recovery efforts.”  Pure hypocrisy and partisan political theater … as it ignored the timing of Biden’s trip to Maui was likely scheduled to avoid interfering with the massive, ongoing rescue and recovery efforts.

While the Florida governor was quick to apply for and publicly lauded federal disaster monies Florida received in the wake of both Hurricanes Idalia and Ian … in 2012 as a member of Congress, he voted against providing federal disaster relief funds after Superstorm Sandy ravaged parts of New Jersey, New York, and New England.

Ron DeSantis and other politicians need to start emulating the millions of ordinary and descent Americans in Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey and across the country who put their political and other differences aside and unite to help those in need after natural disasters rather than taking cheap shots at political opponents.