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 Our country is facing a political crisis which threatens the fabric of our republic and its democratic institutions.

Over the course of the past 30 years, we have become a nation increasingly characterized by partisan political and social tribalism, a loss of confidence in and distrust of many of our nation’s most critically-important and historically-trusted institutions, a growing public perception our judicial system is becoming increasingly politicized along ideological lines with a Supreme Court majority which seems to be more influenced by personal political and religious beliefs than the expansion and preservation of underlying individual liberties, a latent distrust of local law enforcement agencies in many minority communities, evidence-based science on issues ranging from vaccine efficacy to the climate ignored and, without any proof, where a large minority of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Partly to blame are the vast majority of Americans on both the political Right and Left who only watch or listen to media and consume other information which justifies their preconceived and often misinformed views of the world, letting their opinions determine the facts they are willing to believe rather than letting facts shape their opinions served up by self-serving politicians and talking heads for whom truth has given way to alternative facts and conspiracy theories for their own selfish ends of ratings, re-election or monetary gain.

This has resulted in large numbers of Americans, feeling alienated or threatened by evolving societal changes, willing to sacrifice our constitutional-based democracy at the altar of demagogic promises of “American First” and a revival of an imagined social past … chillingly, echoing promises sold to the people of several European nations whose democracies gave way to fascism almost a century ago.

Recent polls have uncovered an increasing drumbeat among activist on both sides of the political spectrum advocating limitations of speech, censorship and the acceptance of violence to achieve democratically-unattainable goals.  For those who have forgotten history, these trends recall the political environment of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.

Parenthetically, it was 97 years ago July 18th 2022 Mien Kampf was first published.  It is more than just troublesome to witness some on the far right seemingly using it as a playbook; trafficking in “big lies”, labeling all who disagree with them as “enemies of the people” while supported by the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other militant extremist Brown Shirt wannabees parading around in military-style uniforms and armed with AK-47s/AR-15s. 

The January 6th assault on the Capitol illustrates how fragile our democracy truly is, how little regard many Americans have for its most important conventions and the number of people willing to embrace baseless conspiracy theories and outright lies proliferated by politicians who claim to love American but abhor our political system and whose ignorance of and disdain for the Constitution threatens both its guaranteed liberties and the future of our Republic.

While the causes for our deepening cultural schism are multifaceted, it is undeniable a significant majority of Americans are willfully ignorant about Civics, American history, the Constitution and the fundamental ideals upon which American fought for its independence … helping to create public apathy toward accepting established facts with which they may disagree, respecting people with differing political views and a willingness to critically educate themselves about issues, public policies and politicians before voting. 

Some of the blame of this sad reality rests on our educational system which has too often devalued requiring a thorough knowledge and understanding of Civics, the Constitution and U.S. History with watered-down and in some areas politically-biased versions of those courses, if required at all.

At all times, the editor has attempted to remain steadfast in an unyielding fealty to the Constitution and ideals on which our nation was founded.

The editor recognizes in today's highly polarized society, not everyone will agree with some of his opinions and, therefore, welcomes comments and feedback.