Dick Newbert has been a widely-published commentator for more than three decades with his opinion pieces having appeared in whole or in part in Boston Phoenix (MA), Bucks County Courier Times (PA), Concord Monitor (NH), Congressional Record (House of Representatives Agricultural Committee), Family Motor Coaching, Intelligencia (PA), Langhorne Ledger (PA), Manchester Union Leader (NH), Milford Cabinet (NH), Nashua Telegraph (NH) as a paid weekly [Sunday] contributor for many years, National Association of Builders’ Builder Magazine, National Law Journal, New Hampshire Profiles, Newsweek, Philadelphia Inquirer (PA), Sarasota Herald Tribune (FL), Smercomish.com (and mentioned during Michael Smercomish’s weekly CNN radio broadcast), US News & World Report, USA Today, Volkswagen’s Small Talk, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NH Public Radio (WEVO 89.1).  He was also a consultant to John Anderson during his 1980 presidential campaign.

Dick, a graduate of Tufts University, is a retired Naval Reserve Officer, Vietnam veteran and entrepreneur with a business backgrounds in finance, real estate, MIS, manufacturing and management consulting. He has been active in community organizations, youth programs and Rotary.  He has a passion for photography and, together with his wife, has traveled in their motorhome extensively throughout North America. He lives in Langhorne, PA and edits the blog at www.thelegacyof1776.com.