Doing One’s Job Should Trump Re-election Concerns

America’s Tax Code … The Politics of Class Warfare

America’s current tax system, another example of government run amuck, is generally perceived as unfair, overly complex, full of loopholes and desperately in need of a major overhaul. Yet, as with campaign finance reform and a host of other important issues, our elected representatives seem impotent and/or lacking the political …

The Freedom and Fairness Restoration Act

U.S. Tax Policy … The Politics of Class Warfare

“The power to tax involves the power to destroy.”
John Marshall
It has become almost axiomatic for politicians harvesting votes from lower and middle class constituencies to preach  a “tax the rich” message.  It plays on the frustrations of individuals who have seen their tax rates balloon during the past decade …

Broad Based Taxes . . . A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Now

The continuing frustration over dramatic, annual increases in local property taxes has not only divided many communities . . . but, according to some recent polls, it has finally convinced a majority of New Hampshire residents that a broad-based sales or income tax is essential.
This significant shift in public opinion …