Censorship – A Sign of Fear and Ignorance

“If a public school were to remove every book because it contains one word deemed objectionable to some parent, then there would be no books at all in our public libraries,”

Peter Scheer – Executive Director

California First Amendment Coalition

There is a dangerous movement sweeping across the country.  It began with pressures …

New Hampshire’s Motto Is A Myth!

“Freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be.”
James Baldwin
For decades, New Hampshire residents have prided themselves on being a population of contrarian individualists, bucking such trends as implementing a state sales or income tax.  Local and national pols have been quick to laud …

New Hampshire’s Paranoia Over Gambling

“Hypocrisy is the most difficult vice man can pursue”
W. Somerset Maugham
 Once again New Hampshire’s forces of law and order have rallied their troops to protect the public from itself.  In these latest crusades, many of the state’s law enforcement resources have been squandered in trying to stamp out what may …

We Don’t Need A Risk-Free Society

This year’s State Legislature is on the verge of passing several seemingly benign laws which, if enacted, will impose another set of, albeit well-meaning, regulations on the citizens of, and visitors to New Hampshire.  Three of the most hotly debated of these proposals are bills to mandate (1) the use …