Building on the success of our inaugural 2021 Civics Scholarship Essay Contest, and the Bucks Courier Times and Intelligencer are pleased to announce their 2022 scholarship contest.  The contest is open to all seniors attending a high school located in Bucks County.  The contest will again be focused on creating a greater understanding and appreciation of American Civics and our Constitution. 

Interested students are encouraged to reread the Constitution and its subsequent Amendments; examine the political, social and other arguments and compromises which were debated throughout their drafting and approval processes; and research subsequent legislative and judicial actions which have since shaped its interpretation. … and then submit a 250-300 word essay answering the question; Should the Constitution be interpreted based on a literal reading of the document’s original text (“originalism”) or viewed in the context of our nation’s evolving social, scientific and other changes since the time when it was written (a “living constitution”) and why? on or before Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2022. 

A select group of independent judges will review and evaluate all entries.

Thanks to the interest in and generosity of many donors who share a deep devotion to our Constitution and concern for our fragile democracy, last year’s initially announced first place scholarship was increased from $1,000 to $2,500 and we were able to award a runner-up scholarship of $1,000.

Therefore, this year, both $2,500 first place and $1,000 runner-up scholarships will be awarded.  The winning essays will be published in the Bucks Courier Times and Intelligencer and at

Complete details on as well as the background and rationalization for creating this essay contest can be found at