"He's all about himself.  He's not about building or supporting the party."

Paul S. Ryan

Donald Trump’s latest assault on Republican fundraising efforts should be a wake-up call and remove all doubts as to where his loyalties lie!

He delayed the first COVID stimulus checks until his name could be printed on them.  He used baseless claims of election fraud as the catalyst for his “Stop the Steal” fundraising, from which it’s reported 75% went to his personal PACs, netting him millions!

His latest get-rich scheme is convincing supporters to direct donations through his political apparatus, rather than funding traditional Republican Party campaign committees.

A narcissistic, vindictive and self-absorbed ex-president has created a cult of personality designed to enrich his personal coffers, keep him relevant and potentially return him to power while endangering fundamental institutions which have sustained our Republic for more than two centuries.

Republicans who reject Trump’s fantasies and conspiracy-laced views of the world, trust real facts, believe in the values their party has historically embraced, are willing to take moral If unpopular stands and care deeply about the future of our country … whom Trump labels as “fools” and Republicans-In-Name-Only … ought to beware.

Donald Trump is dangerous and the ultimate RINO who cares not one iota about anyone or anything except Donald Trump!