“We will never give up; we will never concede”

Donald Trump (January 6, 2021)


In the wake of Wednesday’s violent demonstration and lawless assault on the Capitol building questions must be asked … and answered.

Concerns Trump can still wreak havoc on our democracy and imperil our national security has initiated calls for his immediate removal from office, under either the provision of the 25th Amendment or a second Impeachment process. 

Absent Trump initiating some rash and unconstitutional action threatening our Republic and given there are less that 12-days before the inauguration it is unclear whether (a) Pence and a Cabinet of Trump loyalists would invoke the 25th Amendment, (b) the House could hold hearings and pass a Bill of Impeachment and/or (c) Congress would sanction Trump’s removal by the required ⅔ majority of the House for the 25th Amendment and Senate under both scenarios.

There is also a danger if, through some accelerated process, Trump was removed from the presidency it could make him a martyr in the eyes of his conspiracy-obsessed base, provoking further riots and acts of insurrection.

Hopefully, Trump now recognizes he lost the election, Joe Biden as his successor, his words and actions have consequences and tarnished his legacy; and he will decide to limit his remaining presidential activities to awarding additional pardons and Medals of Freedom, or, however unlikely, quietly resign.

While our nation’s four-year nightmare of pandering to a narcissist autocrat whose loyalty only extends to those buy into his universe of mis-truths, excuses and debunked conspiracy theories is almost at an end, there remain vital questions and issues which must be publicly addressed in the coming weeks and months:

  • Serious security failures that led to a mob invasion of the U.S. Capitol;
  • Inexcusable presidential delays in mobilizing the National Guard to protect the Capitol, its staff and members of Congress;
  • Accountability for an insurrection designed to overthrow the results of a presidential election;
  • Convincing Americans they can believe our elections are open, fair and free from voter intimidation and suppression and all legal votes, in-person or mail-in, will be counted;
  • Urgency to educate Americans to discern between actual facts and half-truths, falsehoods and conspiracy theories; and
  • Rebuilding a culture of civility and respect of others even those holding different political opinions, diverse religious beliefs and often looking or dressing different.

Our democracy is incredibly fragile and dependent on the continued “consent of the governed”, which we have seen can be easily eroded when truth and facts are rejected and distrust of our institutions takes hold.