"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

There seem to be two groups still living in Trump's fantasyland.

The first includes all but twenty-odd Republican members of Congress who can’t utter the words, “Biden won.”  They’ve placed loyalty to a narcissistic demigod above their sworn allegiance to the constitution.  These cowards embolden an unhinged president who cares not a damn about them or our fragile democracy he continues to undermine and delegitimize.

Then there are the lemmings for whom Trump’s every tweet, utterance, and unfounded conspiracy theory, typically reinforced by Fox News, One America or Qanon, is accepted as gospel.  When interviewed, they’ll argue Trump fighting a [still undefined] “deep state” and he’s for the little guy, the average American.


Trump’s history of lies about the dangers and ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 has contributed to 283,000-plus American deaths and a staggering 50,000 since the election, a month when he has been noticeably silent about the pandemic! 

Then last summer the Trump administration turned down an offer to deliver additional doses of its COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, which took no U.S. government money.  Now those added supplies to vaccinate Americans might not be available until June. 

Trump has been absent from any efforts to broker a new CARES stimulus bill to help as many as 20 million Americans, including many Trump supporters, who’ve lost their jobs, home foreclosure/rental eviction protections and unemployment benefits; thousands of small businesses which may never reopen; and state and local governments facing staggering fiscal shortfalls.

Trump asked the Supreme Court to “end” the Affordable Care Act, although after four years of promises he still has no program whatsoever to provide healthcare to twenty million who stand to lose it if Obamacare is overturned; nor to legally protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Trump has also petitioned the Court for unlimited freedom to manipulate the census by eliminating non-citizens, although the Constitution is univocally that it must be based on the “whole number of persons” living the country (the original exclusion for Indians and Slaves was removed by the 14th Amendment).  Even his attorneys admit there is no way to determine how many undocumented people live in America or where they live.

Trump has accelerated his four-year campaign to undermine many of our nation’s most critical and revered institutions, such as the CDC, FBI, EPA, CIA, Congress, Judiciary, the media and our elections.  This has led to his scorched-earth policy of firing non-partisan career government employees who have issued fact/scientific-based reports which run counter to his fanciful beliefs.

His inflammatory rhetoric has placed election officials, Secretaries of State and even Governors in mortal danger from gun totting vigilantes who have written threatening letters and staked-out these individual’s homes.  Others who have embraced his fantasies have gone so far as suggesting he suspend the Constitution, impose martial law, and hold a new election.

Even as Trump and his lawyers, including White House court jester, Rudy Giuliani, continue their quixotic quest to prove the recent election was stolen by fabricating and spreading myths and falsehoods, his own Attorney General stated the Justice Department, “has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 election. “

In desperation, Trump has engaged on a personal campaign to influence Republican-controlled state legislatures, state election officials and even governors to decertify election results in swing states won by Joe Biden.

These are not the actions of a person who cares about our country or its citizens!  Rather, they can only negatively impact the lives of millions while eroding the fabric of our republic … which protects even his most-ardent supporters to openly and without fear of prosecution question our government and even the election.

In reality, Trump’s only concerns are Donald Trump, placating his unquestioning base, sustaining his delusion he actually won the November election, despite a seven million plus deficit in the popular vote and 74 vote Electoral loss, pardoning his convicted loyalist friends, and making any transition to a Biden Administration as difficult as possible.

Responsible Republicans must begin placing loyalty to their oath of office and the preservation of our Republic above concerns a vindictive Donald Trump might campaign against them when they are up for reelection